Jan 19

Pay It Forward Podcast

Join us in this powerful episode as we sit down with Jamie Dahl and talk about battling cancer and the true power our stories have as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Jamie talks about her book, “I Have Two Words for You,” and why she was ultimately inspired to write it. The book serves as a guide, answering questions that plagued her during challenging times, offering solace to others facing their own struggles. She also opens up about her own battle with cancer and shares the insights and lessons she learned from that. Jamie delves into the four transformative stages she encountered – trial, perseverance, character growth, and hope – each shaping her into the resilient individual she is today.

Post-cancer, she reflects on the unspoken challenges of resuming normalcy and the strength found in vulnerability.

Also in this episode:

– Jamie’s professional dance career in New York

– Working in fashion and styling in California

– What it is like to have married into the Dahl Family

– Helping open non-profit, Adult and Teen Challenge of Western Wisconsin in 2019

– The struggle of body image

– Faith

As the episode concludes, Jamie passionately advocates for the importance of sharing personal stories. Every individual possesses a unique narrative, capable of encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others. Whether on a grand stage or within your community, Jamie believes that our stories carry immense power, reminding us that someone is waiting to hear the wisdom we’ve gained from our own journeys. Tune in to this episode for an uplifting and inspiring conversation of overcoming cancer, growing in who we are, and helping others in difficult times!

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